UandV is a visionary company having over expertise in the network marketing industry and we are the pioneers in introducing the most revolutionary compensation plan which will turn the network marketing industry in the right way. We have used the internet technology to develop the most sophisticated online system which allows our traveler member to run and manage their business from anywhere and at any time.

Travel is a US $ 7 trillion industry and we offer an amazing opportunity for anyone looking to start a home based travel & E-Commerce business. We have combined business and pleasure and thus bought to reality your dream of having your own successful home based business that lets you capitalize on three of the fastest growing business concepts in the world.

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Who We Are?

We are a globally corporate based company having pact and alliances across the horizon. We exhibit a track of being the foremost fastest growing company in the network marketing industry today, and are creating tempest with our excellence and revolutionary path of services molded with a global business opportunity. Our turnkey business system is the finest in the industry which has been acclaimed and certified by Experts globally...

UandV is a brand name of “Alrasi Enterprises” this company based of India. India is a wonderful and most desired destination for holidays. We are poised to become one of the leading multinational companies dedicated to bring today s consumers, the most modern, superior travel and hospitality products & E-Commerce as well as the biggest holiday based income generator across the globe.


Corporate Ethics

We are here to be an Inspiration, to bring a revolution in the network marketing industry and to bring a change in the pattern of working of this industry.

We try our level best in successfully establishing the truth and the facts which were always been lost in the industry. We strongly believe in setting up a organization which would not only last long life but will also provide every individual a platform to realize himself & his actual dreams , his skills and ideas of work, his attitude and approach towards life and everything else which is concerned with his progress.

We as a company would be very delighted to see people working united with confidence, trust and belief. We enjoy our success watching people grow and strengthen financially with respect and pride. Eventually we are not only trying to establish a network marketing company but we want to come up as a Trusted Corporate Brand Globally. Finally it’s not the nature and composition of business which make it large but it’s the attitude and intention of the business runner which decides the future & life of organization and we really mean it. Providing crucial support to our entire network is our management team which is drawn from a rich repository of experience. Infused with the intelligence to predict global trends before they become wealth generation opportunities, this team is equally adept at seamlessly integrating global operation and achieving efficiencies.

Everything that we do is underpinned by our strong code of ethics that dictates our actions. As we continue to strive daily to meet our expectations and live up to our vision we are enthused by the imperative to create a world that finds empowerment through the twin engines of energy security and unlimited wealth creation potential.